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Elegance 9

Leisure Warragul Yarragon Yard

Elegance 10 Aquamarine

Opulence Install

Elegance 9 Crystal Blue

50mm Drop Edge Tile

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Moroccan 10

Elegance 9 Sapphire Blue

Elegance 9 With Spa Jets

Gippsland Pools - Swimming Pool Installation and Construction

Leisure Pools Warragul is a family owned and operated business run by Gary and Naomi Reynolds.
We operate our business successfully in the Gippsland area from Pakenham to Lakes Entrance.

Leisure Pools Warragul have a pool display in the beautiful country town of Yarragon a very popular tourist spot 5 minutes drive from Warragul East along the Princes Hwy. The display enables our potential customers to see first hand the complete finished pool product that we take so much pride in. Leisure Pools Warragul own and operate the largest pool display in Gippsland.

Visit Our Display Yard

Come into our display centre, bring your bathers, towel and try the pool you are interested in before you buy. Once you swim in a Leisure Pool you will see and feel the award winning style and comfort our range of pools are famous for.

From our onsite pool shop we offer free water testing and a complete range of quality chemicals and accessories to ensure your new Leisure Pool is always sparkling and in top condition. We at Leisure Pools Warragul believe customer service is our #1 priority making sure that our customers are well informed and feel secure in the decision they have made by choosing us to construct their backyard makeover. This has enabled us to build a reputation from all of our happy customers from referrals and testimonies. "Customer referrals and recommendations are the best advertising you can get".

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We can look after your pool, keeping it sparkling clean

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It’s very important to check the ground water under your pool. Easy to use, click straight into your hose. Come into Yarragon pool shop to buy yours. admin@gippslandpools.com.au 56342264

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We are closed Good Friday to Easter Monday. Opening again Easter Tuesday, have a safe and happy break

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When the sun goes down, we will be ready for winter ❄️. Coming to Yarragon pool shop soon. Keep it clean 🧼 and stop the green.

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Leisure Pools Warragul End of Summer Sale #watchthisadd


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Leisure Pools End of Summer Special ends this Saturday. Call us to grab the savings. www.leisurepools.com.au admin@gippslandpools.com.au PH: 56342264

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This is why you would only buy a Leisure Pool for your new back yard swimming pool project www.leisurepools.com.au admin@gippslandpools.com.au

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Pool and Spa combination, splash deck, the complete pool for a family. Which one would you choose ?? Call us 56342264 leisure pools.com.au

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