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Leisure Pools Warragul

Crn Rollo Street & Princes Hwy Yarragon

Elegance 9

Reflection 8m Crystal Blue

Leisure Warragul Yarragon Yard

Crt Yard 6m Ebony Blue

Elegance 10 Aquamarine

Opulence Install

Allure 10m Sapphire Blue

50mm Drop Edge Tile

80mm Drop Edge Tile

Elegance 9 Sapphire Blue

Elegance 9 With Spa Jets

Elegance 9 Crystal Blue

Moroccan 10

Gippsland Pools - Swimming Pool Installation and Construction

Leisure Pools Warragul is a family owned and operated business run by Gary and Naomi Reynolds.
We operate our business successfully in the Gippsland area from Pakenham to Lakes Entrance.

Leisure Pools Warragul have a pool display in the beautiful country town of Yarragon a very popular tourist spot 5 minutes drive from Warragul East along the Princes Hwy. The display enables our potential customers to see first hand the complete finished pool product that we take so much pride in. Leisure Pools Warragul own and operate the largest pool display in Gippsland.

Leisure Pools Warragul Accommodation Voucher Offer
For more information www.gippslandpools.com.au/voucher

Visit Our Display Yard

Come into our display centre, bring your bathers, towel and try the pool you are interested in before you buy. Once you swim in a Leisure Pool you will see and feel the award winning style and comfort our range of pools are famous for.

From our onsite pool shop we offer free water testing and a complete range of quality chemicals and accessories to ensure your new Leisure Pool is always sparkling and in top condition. We at Leisure Pools Warragul believe customer service is our #1 priority making sure that our customers are well informed and feel secure in the decision they have made by choosing us to construct their backyard makeover. This has enabled us to build a reputation from all of our happy customers from referrals and testimonies. "Customer referrals and recommendations are the best advertising you can get".

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Longer days, birds singing 🐦and we all have sunshine on our minds🌞. Spring is in the air. It's time to start thinking about getting your pool ready. Bring in a water sample and we can get the ball rolling to ensure your pool is in perfect condition for those warmer days ahead 🌞💦

Leisure Pools Warragul > 30/08/2020
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When lubricating equipment O-rings you should always use a silicone-based lubricant. As non-silicone are petroleum-based they will cause O-rings to perish prematurely and limit their lifespan 😉👌

Leisure Pools Warragul > 28/08/2020
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Chlorine levels can creep up over the non swimming months. High chlorine can be detrimental to your pool cover, pool surface and equipment over a period of time and is not suitable to swim in. To act quickly we've got the goods. Focus Chlorine Out will reduce your chlorine levels fast and effectively so you'll be swimming in no time. Talk to us today for expert advice on all things pool 👍

Leisure Pools Warragul > 27/08/2020
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Phosphates are an introduced element to your pool water. Rain, wind, leaves and even ducks in your pool can all be attributed to phosphates in your water. Being a food source for algae it is important to deal with them quickly. Focus Banish Phosphate remover will eliminate phosphates so you can avoid potential algae blooms. Ask us for our expert advice on all things pool 👍

Leisure Pools Warragul > 23/08/2020
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Dreaming of sunshine 🌞 and holidays . Well you could have all this in your own backyard. We are scheduling our November installs so give us a call and let’s make it happen.

Leisure Pools Warragul is feeling excited at Leisure Pools Warragul.

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Friday fact - Did you know that acidic water can be crystal clear? Just because it's clear, it doesn't mean it's safe and isn't causing damage to your pool cover, equipment and even surface. Water balance is just as important as making sure your water is sanitised and safe to swim. Having a professional comprehensive water test regularly will ensure your water remains balanced, sanitised and safe and won't cause issues over the long term.

Leisure Pools Warragul > 21/08/2020
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Sure pools can experience stains and we can fix them but we'd rather you avoid them in the first place. Our range of Focus Products together with our expert advice and a tailored program designed for your pool will enable you to #swimmoreworkless so you spend more time in your pool and less time working on it 👍

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If this is what you want your backyard to look like for this Summer Holiday Season, now is the time to order your pool. 🏝⛱🏊‍♀️

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Did you know that by adding a preventative algaecide regularly you can free up, up to 40% of your chlorine? Keep your pool sanitised, algae-free and crystal clear 24/7 by following our preventive maintenance program specifically for your pool. With a regular water test and a programmed approach, you can #swimmoreworkless 💚 Talk to us about tailoring a program for your pool.

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