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Getting Ready For Summer

Summer Pool Care made Easy
With Summer fast approaching it's time to prepare your pool ready for swimming. We at Leisure Pools Yarragon pool shop specialise in making your pool a simple and hassle free pleasure leaving you more time to RELAX and enjoy your pool over the summer months.

Not all pools are the same and by following our Summer Pool program you can ensure we give you a tailored program to ensure your pool is not only safe to swim in but the water looks great, feels great and your investment is protected.

Bring in a water sample to our pool shop for a free computerised water analyses to ensure correct water treatment. At Leisure Pools Yarragon pools shop, our staff are fully trained to offer expert advice and we have a complete range of Focus products to ensure your water will be safe, sparkling and algae free.
Now that the sun is out and we will want to start swimming again let's get the pool ready
Step 1
Turn your solar back onto summer mode

Step 2
Check the timer on your pump and set the running filtration time back to 8 Hrs - 10 hrs a day.

Step 3
Take the pool blanket off.

Step 4
Clean out your pump baskets and make sure you secure your lids.

Step 5
If you have a cartridge filter chemically soak and clean it to ensure constant and most efficient filtrating of your water. If your cartridge is not chemically cleaned your pump will shut off (no flow will appear), If you have a sand filter backwash and rinse the filter.

Step 6
We always say that you should give your pool a good manual vacuum first up before you put your pool cleaner back in.

Step 7
Take your water sample down to the pool shop and following the print out instructions step by step. It is important that you use good quality pool products that are quick dissolving to ensure that your water is safe to swim in, even though it may look clean but it may not be safe.