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Leisure Pools Warragul

Crn Rollo Street & Princes Hwy Yarragon

Elegance 9

Reflection 8m Crystal Blue

Leisure Warragul Yarragon Yard

Crt Yard 6m Ebony Blue

Elegance 10 Aquamarine

Opulence Install

Allure 10m Sapphire Blue

50mm Drop Edge Tile

80mm Drop Edge Tile

Elegance 9 Sapphire Blue

Elegance 9 With Spa Jets

Elegance 9 Crystal Blue

Moroccan 10

Gippsland Pools - Swimming Pool Installation and Construction

Leisure Pools Warragul is a family owned and operated business run by Gary and Naomi Reynolds.
We operate our business successfully in the Gippsland area from Pakenham to Lakes Entrance.

Leisure Pools Warragul have a pool display in the beautiful country town of Yarragon a very popular tourist spot 5 minutes drive from Warragul East along the Princes Hwy. The display enables our potential customers to see first hand the complete finished pool product that we take so much pride in. Leisure Pools Warragul own and operate the largest pool display in Gippsland.

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Visit Our Display Yard

Come into our display centre, bring your bathers, towel and try the pool you are interested in before you buy. Once you swim in a Leisure Pool you will see and feel the award winning style and comfort our range of pools are famous for.

From our onsite pool shop we offer free water testing and a complete range of quality chemicals and accessories to ensure your new Leisure Pool is always sparkling and in top condition. We at Leisure Pools Warragul believe customer service is our #1 priority making sure that our customers are well informed and feel secure in the decision they have made by choosing us to construct their backyard makeover. This has enabled us to build a reputation from all of our happy customers from referrals and testimonies. "Customer referrals and recommendations are the best advertising you can get".

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One of our favourite pools. Check out our website and lets make it happen. www.gippslandpools.com.au 56342264

Leisure Pools Warragul is at Leisure Pools Warragul.

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Power up the protection of your pool surface and cell. Aquashield3 added every three months will protect your surface and cell from calcium and magnesium build up, prevent metal stains and enhance your water clarity. Ask us for our expert advice on preventative maintenance for all things pool 💛

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Even though it’s winter and you may not be using your pool, it is still important to have your pool water tested to ensure your chlorine levels are ok and your balance is in check. High chlorine over the non-swimming months can damage your pool cover and poor water balance can either be corrosive or scale forming. Bring in a water sample so we can comprehensively test your water to ensure it’s not going to cause any issues.

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Over Winter months leaves and debris can fall into your pool. It's important to remove them quickly to avoid potential staining of your pool surface. Ask us for our expert advice on all things pool 💛

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Get those winter woolies on and get your pool ordered ready for the sun to come out 🌞 www.gippslandpools.com.au admin@gippslandpools.com.au 56342264

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Algae spores, invisible to the naked eye can proliferate at an extraordinary rate when exposed to sunlight and given a food source. Heavy chlorine dosage might eliminate common algae forms by bleaching and burning them into submission but generally it will require a specially formulated algaecide to achieve long lasting eradication and control of more resistant strains. By adding preventative algaecide on a regular basis you can free up your chlorine to let it take care of sanitation and the algaecide prevents algae from forming. Ask us for our expert advice on how you can avoid the outbreak of algae in your pool 💚

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In Winter months pools chlorinated by salt or minerals can often indicate on the chlorinator readout that an addition of salt or mineral is required. This may not necessarily be the case. Due to the cold temperature of the water, the conductivity of the cell can be affected giving a false readout. Before adding any salt or mineral to the water, bring in a water sample so we can comprehensively test your pool water to ensure you're not adding product unnecessarily 👍

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Halfway through Winter, Summertime gets closer every day ……

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You get what you pay for !!! Why would you settle for anything less . The best pools in Gippsland. 56342264 www.gippslandpools.com.au

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With a one shot dose the Focus Filter Cleaner & Degreaser makes it easy to clean and degrease your pool filter. Suitable for all filter types it's easy to stay on top of your pool maintenance 💥 Talk to us to learn more about the benefits of Filter Cleaning and pool care during the cooler months.

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During the Winter months though we are not out by the pool as much, it is important to keep an eye on your water level and ensure your skimmer box is clear of debris ❄️

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